Computer Vision Art

Vered Heruti, Ayelet Sapirshtein and Eyal Gruss

Pictures of *** Girls in Synthesis, (2018)

Pictures of *** Girls in Synthesis, is a machine that creates live, visual, poetry. The machine reads, or listens to poetry in a variety of languages. It synthesizes in real-time, visual images illustrating its understanding and interpretation of the text. This is done using state-of-the-art deep learning algorithms for speech-to-text, language translation, and the AttnGAN for text-to-image synthesis. While the results are far from photorealistic, we get images of surrealistic quality, containing colors, shapes, textures, patterns and objects related to the words and their context, and creating a poetic experience. This project was created in a 30-hour hackathon, at Geekcon-Art Hamidrasha 2018.