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CVPR 2021: Virtual due to COVID-19

Maja Petric

Constellation: We Are All Made of Light, (2020)

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An immersive art installation about our interconnectedness. The piece utilizes custom artificial intelligence (AI), interactive light, and spatial sound to emulate a constellation in which every person becomes one among the stars. Visitors are welcomed in a large dark space filled with lights made to depict the natural beauty of the universe. As visitors move through the galaxy of stars, the light is extruded in their shape, living light trails of their presence across the starscape. Once visitors leave, their trails of light remain in the constellation and are added to the collection of trails that others have left behind. With every new visit, the number of light trails increases and reflects the growing history of the space. Each new person visiting the space is immersed in a starscape filled with light that marks the presence of everybody who was part of the piece. Over time, the exhibiting space became an archive of people’s presence and evidence of how all of us are connected to others, past and present. The spatialized sound composition was developed by Marcin Paczkowski to accompany the interactive visual experience of being one among the stars. Just like the visual content, it is created algorithmically to continuously evolve without repeating the same state.

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