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Moisés Horta Valenzuela

Imicca Tanima (La Muerte del Alma) no.1, (2020)

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Like a painting
we will start fading.
Like a flower,
we will dry up
here on earth.
As a vestment of the plumage of a zacuan bird,
of the precious bird with a rubber neck,
we will run out
we’re going to his house."

– – excerpt from Percibo lo secreto by Nezahualcóyotl, written around 1400 d.C.

Imicca Tanima (La Muerte del Alma) (EN: The Death of the Soul) is a series of neural network generated artworks which explore theme’s of self and the ephemerality of existence. In this series, artist Moisés Horta utilises recursive composition alongside a Generative Adversarial Network trained on pre-hispanic artefacts from México.

Flow, non-linearity and the cyclical characterise Imicca Tanima, and are posed as a critique to transhumanism’s future promise of human immortality. Instead, the artist embraces the ephemeral and fleeting as conceptual frameworks for co-creating with an Artificial Intelligence which has learned to synthesise images from ancient heritage artefacts that attest to a history of colonialism in the Americas.

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