Computer Vision Art Gallery

CVPR 2021: Virtual due to COVID-19

Weidi Zhang & Rodger Luo

Lavin, (2019)

Project Website

Collaboration with Jieliang(Rodger) Luo

LAVIN is a VR project is a conceptual response to Ground Truth in the modern AI age. From a neural network (NN) trained to recognize thousands of objects to a NN can only generate binary outputs, each NN, like human beings, has its own understanding of the real world, even the inputs are the same. LAVIN provides an immersive responsive experience to visually explore one understanding of a NN in which the real world is mapping to 50 daily objects. LAVIN constantly analyzes the real world via a camera and outputs semantic interpretations, which navigate the audience in a virtual world consisting of all the fluid abstract structures that designed and animated based on the photogrammetry of daily objects that the NN can recognize.

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