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CVPR 2021: Virtual due to COVID-19

Maia Lillford, Caroline McCurdy, Bektur Ryskeldiev, Michael Holmes & Asami. N

Metaformers, (2020)

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Metaformers is a concept about connections. The project first began as a collaboration between Tokyo based designer Wearing Maia and illustrator Caroline Alexandra McCurdy. Originally intended to be interactive clothing that adapted to the wearer, Covid19 soon made the tactile element of the project obsolete. Year 2020 brought many challenges, but opportunities as well, and the new focus of the project became obvious. The pair further collaborated with immersive media researcher Bektur Ryskeldiev, and swapped tactile for digital. Images of the collection were used to train a StyleGAN2 model which generated new patterns which were later composed together with original photos. This collection couldn’t have come to fruition without connections between Australia, America, Kyrgyzstan and Japan. Metaformers has transformed in function, concept and process, resulting in algorithmic experimental art that truly reflects the year 2020.

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