Computer Vision Art Gallery

CVPR 2021: Virtual due to COVID-19

François Quévillon

Mouvant, (2020)

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Mouvant is a lenticular artwork that condenses four years on the road. The piece is part of the Algorithmic Drive body of works that examines AI through the development of driverless cars. The sorting and generation of images made by analyzing hundreds of hours of video and data collected by my vehicle are distributed in an unstable image at the threshold of abstraction. By moving in front of the work, the animation and the stereoscopic effect of the lenticular imagery displays a blurry and vibrant spectrum that recalls a variety of driving conditions and the morphing aesthetic of GANs. Oscillating between night and day, Mouvant transports the viewer through a diversity of seasons and environments (forests, highways, cities, etc.) that dissolve one into the other.

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