Computer Vision Art Gallery

CVPR 2021: Virtual due to COVID-19

Ivan Pravdin

Souls, (2021)

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Both works from the series Souls and Bardo invite viewers to think about infinity. Infinite life, Infinite death, and Infinite in-between are questioned in these works. Every work from the series “Souls” shows one static soul. The soul is an immaterial concept representing the emotions, feelings, and thoughts of a particular person. Each soul is unique, but none exists by itself. Souls move, interact, and communicate with each other. Series Bardo analyzes that world. Bardo is a place between death and life, a place where souls are waiting to be sent back to the material world. Each work from the series Bardo is unsteady. It moves, it changes. It shows the constant interaction and communication between souls that exist in the Bardo. Both series were developed using a blended GAN model which generates human bodies and human emotions.

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