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CVPR 2021: Virtual due to COVID-19

Jake Elwes

The Zizi Show, (2020)

Project Website


Drag Queens, Drag Kings, Drag Things and Artificial Intelligence…

The Zizi Show (2020) is a deepfake drag cabaret, a virtual online stage hosting a groundbreaking new show with a twist. It features acts that have been constructed using deepfake technology, learning how to do drag by watching a diverse group of human performers. The Zizi Show dissects one of the dominant myths about AI, the notion that ‘an AI’ is a thing we might mistake for a person.

The bodies in the show have been generated by neural networks trained on a community of drag artists who were filmed to create training datasets at a London cabaret venue closed during COVID-19. During each act audiences are invited to interact with the website and play with which deepfake bodies perform which songs. At times this breaks down when the A.I. tries to conceive impossible positions or combines multiple different queer identities; it can even reveal the skeleton tracking the deepfake is built on. The Zizi Show constructs and then deconstructs a virtual cabaret that pushes the limits of what can be imagined on a digital stage.

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