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A/S (Artificial Spirit)

Wheel of Four Tune, (2020)

Are we doing ethics or are we done by ethics?

According to Mencius (Oriental philosopher), human beings are subjective beings who practice ethics, and it is necessary to develop positive emotions for complete moral development. It is possible to construct a moral exemplary life based on feelings of compassion, family affection, respect, resentment, shame, recognition and disapproval that are inherent in the human mind (心). From this point of view, we produced a music video consisting of music and performance under the assumption that artificial intelligence can learn and develop human emotions, which are the basis of morality. The emotions of SADNESS-ANGER-HAPPINESS-TENDERNESS created by artificial intelligence technology are portrayed in the music and video. In addition, in all production processes such as making fake faces and writing lyrics, we experiment with the possibility of whether artificial intelligence can create emotions. The more successful it is to compose music based on data, the greater the sense of separation from the audience. The emotions of the dancer and the viewer do not change in a simple way like the deep fake technology on the screen. Even in the short frame of the music video, the changing emotions and subtle expressions were difficult to convert into data. We consider the values ​​of individual emotions, social emotions, and moral ethics created on them, and experiment with the possibility of reflecting them in artificial intelligence technology.

A/S (Artificial Spirit) team members: YounKyung Jang / WonJeong Lee / JiHyung Kye / ChanJae Park / JinYeol Park / DaHae Park / HanUl Jo / Heonjin Ha

Team A/S

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